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You know what you don’t usually see in the snow?


Hexapods are a superclass of arthropods that are likely nested within the crustaceans, forming The subphylum pancrustacea. The most notable hexapods are insects and springtails.

Check out this cool *ducks* article by Rich Wolf. It talks about snow fleas, a type of hexapod springtail that often gather on snow to feed on microorganisms.

I just realized that I’ve been doing an arthropod blog for two months and this is the first post about the Hexapod group. Next week will be “Hexapod Week”, with a post a day about these flying crustaceans. I’ve got lots of good stuff to talk about from today’s evolutionary divergence symposium; including how we got pubic lice from gorillas! However, first I have a phylogenetic can of worms to open on this blog… Coming this weekend: An explanation of the current state of arthropod phylogenetics.

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Michael Bok is a graduate student studying the visual system of mantis shrimp.

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