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Mr. T pities the fools who haven’t updated their RSS feeds!

There are still quite a few people who have not updated their RSS feeds for Arthropoda’s new RSS address. Get with the program, slackers!


Ocean of Pseudoscience

See all of my posts on arthropod cryptozoology, creationism, and pseudoscience for the Ocean of Pseudoscience blog event at Arthropoda’s new home.

Some recent insect photos

See the photos at Arthropoda’s new home.

Arthropoda has moved

I am moving my blog off of and joining the Southern Fried Science blog network. Arthropoda can now be found here. Please update your blogrolls and RSS feeds for my new address. I hope to see you all at my new home.


In case you where wondering about the current lack of updates here; I am presently at the International Congress of Neuroethology in Salamanca, Spain. The city is absolutely beautiful and the conference so far has been jam packed with awesome science. It is giving me a lot of inspiration for my work and future articles on this site. I’ll be back to posting normally next Monday.

Not a bad spot for a conference.

Back (in body) from Australia.

Though my mind and circadian clock are still befuddled by epic jet lag, I have returned safely from my field trip to Lizard Island. Unsurprisingly, the trip was spectacular despite spending much of my time dangling Y-shaped sticks in front of stubborn mantis shrimps for hours upon hours every day. My most significant finding this year was that behavioral work is ridiculously time consuming; while others are out working on the reef, you are attempting to telepathically coerce a shrimp into participating in a choice test.

Now that I’m back, posting will resume regularly. I’ve stored up a multitude of ideas for interesting future posts that I can’t wait to research and write.

Thanks for staying tuned despite the inactivity.

Yes, my field site is better than yours; and no, my girlfriend is not gonna' let me keep the sweet mohawk.

Off to Oz

The time has come to spend excruciating hours on a passenger jet; across the US, then across the Pacific, then across Australia. However, the end result of landing on Lizard Island will make the ordeal worthwhile.

I will be on this island on the Northern Great Barrier Reef until the 22nd of June. Hopefully, the science gods will see fit to grace me with lots of hard work and good data over that time.

I will try to post regular photo logs here during my trip.

Now, off into the wild blue…

Current and future inactivity

You may have noticed that my posting rate has slowed to a crawl. It is, however, not due to disinterest in the blog. I’ve been ridiculously busy tying up experiments in the lab and preparing to go into the field for a month starting next Friday; dropping my free time to essentially zero.

I will be at the Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef (!) for all of June. During that time, I can’t promise many updates but I will try to post some field logs and photos periodically.

When I return in July, I will resume posting regularly.

A future marine scientist

My parents sent me these pictures of a family vacation to Cape Cod when I was two or three years old. We visited Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and went aboard the Knorr research vessel. Even back then I was fascinated by the ocean and biology; and thanks to the constant support of my parents, now I get to do something I intrinsically love every day. Make sure you expose your children to the wonders of the world and science from an early age. They will truly appreciate it someday.


I’m making some changes to my blog layout and style sheet. Bear with me….

Does anyone see any glaring formatting errors still (especially if you are using IE)? I think I got everything back under control…

I have moved.
Arthropoda can now be found here.

Michael Bok is a graduate student studying the visual system of mantis shrimp.

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