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The Discovery Channel FAIL-train heads to Alaska

As if replacing David Attenborough with Oprah for the narration of ‘Life’ wasn’t bad enough…

Discovery Communications, the owner of the Discovery and Science Channels, is currently in talks to produce a new HD documentary set in the stunning Alaskan countryside.

That’s not so bad, right?

Well, here’s the troubling detail; this will be a reality program centered on the travels of the most esteemed naturalist… Sarah Palin.

According to Celebbuz:

The program, to be shot in HD, will have Sarah guiding viewers throughout Alaska. And, with the former governor requesting $1.2 million an episode, Alaska would be one of the most expensive nature series ever made.

So Discovery is actually considering throwing the largest documentary budget in history at a complete scientific illiterate. Any pretension this network holds regarding educating the public about science and nature clearly comes second behind pandering to inane popular culture phenomena.

Truly unbelievable, infuriating, and depressing…


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