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Couple o’ Carnivals

Circus of the Spineless #47 is up at Xenogere and Scientia Pro Publica #24 is up at 360 Degree Skeptic. They are chock-full of awesome science blogging goodness. Go check them out!

Next month’s Circus of the Spineless will be here at Arthropoda. Don’t feed my procrastination impulse, start sending me your submissions now!

Scientia Pro Publica # 21

The 21st edition of the Scientia Pro Publica (‘science for the people’) is up at Living the Scientific Life. This carnival focuses on science writing for the everyman, and includes well written articles about a broad spectrum of scientific topics. In the arthropod camp, there are articles about parasite flies and butterflies; as well and some great submissions about evolution in honor of Darwin Day. Go check it out!

I have moved.
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Michael Bok is a graduate student studying the visual system of mantis shrimp.

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