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Dew covered insects

Miroslaw Swietek takes amazing photos of dew covered insects in the early-morning woods. The insects remain mostly immobile during the night and collect water droplets all over their bodies. Take a look at his beautiful photos here and here.

Water droplet covered dragon fly. Photo: Miroslaw Swietek

Via i09.

Jumping spiders are adorable

Jumping spiders are pretty damn cute on their own. The combination of their huge front eyes, curious nature, and hilarious mating displays make these tiny arachnids very endearing.

But check out these videos of jumping spiders set to gentle folk music. They should melt the heart of even the most staunch arthro-haters. (Make sure to watch in HD)

The videos were made by Thomas Shahan, whose stunning macro photography of arachnids and insects can be found here.

Unbelievable arthropod photography

If you want to get a powerful appreciation for the insane degree of arthropod diversity on the planet; look no further than the photostream of artour_a on Flickr. This guy’s photographic work is unbelievable, both for his prowess with the camera, as well as for the stunning variety of rare, weird, and beautiful creatures he has captured from around the world.

I tried to select a few sample images to represent the spectrum of artour_a’s work, but I couldn’t do it justice. He has uploaded photos of literally thousands of arthropods. Go, get lost in his full invertebrate collections, here.

I have moved.
Arthropoda can now be found here.

Michael Bok is a graduate student studying the visual system of mantis shrimp.

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